Called to be a Light in the Rockfish Valley
Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY
This is the place to share with us your moments of joy and
thanksgiving or your concerns.  We would all like to join you
in prayer, so please submit your prayer needs to the church
office so they can be included in our times of worship.

  • Prayer needs submitted will be printed in the
    following Sunday's bulletin if sent in by 10 a.m.
    Thursday.  If sent in by Saturday noon they will be
    read in worship.

  • Call the church office (434-361-1221) or email your
    joy or concern to

  • Unless identified as an ongoing concern, a prayer
    need will be printed  two weeks in a row.
In Our Prayers
We Keep in Our
Those separated from
their family.

Those who have been
overwhelmed with a job,
home foreclosure,
medical bills.
*   *
*    *    *
Pakistan, Kenya, Sudan,
Syria and other places
where people suffer and
are not free.