Called to be a Light in the Rockfish Valley
Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY
Ready to Join?

Membership is not required to
participate actively in the life of
Rockfish Presbyterian Church.  But
membership IS a way to say to yourself
and to all who know you, "In THIS place
and with THESE people, I choose to
live out my faith as a disciple of Jesus

Membership in a Presbyterian
congregation affords you the privilege
of voting to elect elders and your pastor
as vacancies occur.  It also makes you
eligible to be considered for the office
of elder.  

There are three paths to becoming a
member of Rockfish Presbyterian
choose, the first step is to arrange to
come before the church Session (our
governing body) and be approved.  
Though this may seem a scary thought,
we are much more interested in "gate
opening" rather than "gate keeping."  
We simply want to know the high points
of your journey of faith that have brought
you to Rockfish.  The Session normally
meets on the third Tuesday of each
month (except July) at 7:00 p.m.  If this
is not convenient for you, we could
arrange to call a special meeting at
another time.

Most all Protestant "Mainline" churches
will transfer membership.  Roman Catholic,
Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, and most
independent churches will not.  Give the
church secretary contact information for
the church in which you have active
membership.  We will write for a "transfer
church has written to transfer your
membership, we will arrange to introduce
you to the congregation during a service
of worship.

Reaffirm Your Faith

If you have been baptized and confirmed
your faith in any church that recognizes the
trinitarian nature of God (eg. Father, Son,
Holy Spirit), then following Session's
approval, you can come before the
congregation in a service of worship and
reaffirm your faith in Jesus Christ, your
rejection of evil, and your desire to be an
active participant in Christ's church.
Sometimes, even if you have been a
member of a church that would transfer
your membership but haven't been active
in a long time, it is a meaningful
experience to join by
reaffirmation of faith.

Affirm Your Faith

If you were baptized as an infant but never
confirmed in your membership or never
before baptized, then, following Session's
approval, you would come before the
congregation during a service of worship
and join by your
affirmation of faith in
Christ, your rejection of evil, and your
desire to be an active participant in
Christ's church.  If you have not been
baptized, baptism will be a part of the